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If you want your site added, please ensure that you read the Terms and Conditions  on this page before submitting.  

All search engine submissions are reviewed by an editor prior to FAP Search listing your site.

3 Required Steps:

Step #1 - A link on your website to is required.  Link to us on your main index page BEFORE SUBMITTING your fetish website.  Our editors could check the submission anywhere between ten minutes to seven days after your submission... your submission will be DENIED if the reciprocal link is not found.

You can use the following Text Linking Code:

Copy and paste the ALL of the above code into your site, it will be displayed like this:

If you would like to use a banner, you may at a later time as banners are not currently available.  Note: Our reciprocal link checker routinely checks your site weekly, it will verify that you still have our link on your index page.  CAUTION: If your website does not have our link code when our checker accesses your website, it will delete all of the pages from your site listed in our database.

Step #2 - Title, Description, and Keywords from your Meta Tags.  How you have them now on your site is how our search engine will display them. Our engine will index your website, ... if after the main crawl there is an issue, it may be more than 30 days before any updates you perform are added to our database.  FAP Search works similar to Google.

Step #3 -

a.) Submit ONLY the main index of your website domain.  DO NOT submit multiple pages from the same site!  You may submit as many websites as you like, but only the main index of each domain.

b.) Be sure to check to see if your site is already listed first.  If you submit more than once, your listing will be removed and blacklisted from FAP Search when our bot performs maintenance (which includes removal of duplicated websites as our engine considers them to be attempts to SPAM us).

c.) Your site must have porno content to be approved.  Do not submit sites that have illegal or unethical content, redirect, more than 1 popup, are a direct link to an affiliate program (if you promote an affiliate program, it must go to your own site with free samples 1st).  If you see a link that goes to an affiliate program on FAP Search, it is a FAP Search affiliate.

If you agree to all of the above, Click Here to submit your site.